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Discover the best solar panel system for your home

Here at Robbie McDonald Electrical, we offer three solar system packages for your home or small business, each offering a different power output. Wattages range from 6,600 to over 15,000!

Our solar electric systems only use Tier 1 solar panels, the highest quality available. Tier rankings refer to the quality of panel manufacturers, and there are 3 types:

Tier 3, the lowest quality, represents more than 90 per cent of the new solar PV industry. These manufacturers do not invest in R&D and only assemble panels; they don’t manufacture silicon cells. They may also use manual soldering and other primitive production techniques instead of more accurate advanced robotics.

Tier 2 solar panels are slightly better and represent around 8 per cent of the total market. They make more use of robotics but can still rely on human labour. Most outfits have been producing panels for three to five years and are often small-scale.

Tier 1 panels are from the top two per cent of solar manufacturers. These are vertically integrated, meaning they don’t just assemble the panels. Instead, they manufacture them from the ground up, controlling silicon cell production and all the other processes required to produce a finished product.

Manufacturers in this category also invest in research and development. They try to push the boundaries of solar PV technology by increasing efficiency or developing new materials. They use highly automated robotic processes and have at least five years of experience making solar panels.

Tier 1 panels are the only panels we install on your property or premises.


9.9 KW

Spacious Home

Save up to $3200 p.a on electricity*
Larger homes and small businesses

Tier 1 Solar Module

7.5KW Power Inverter

9,990W Tier 1 Panels

High Efficient Solar Module

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6.6 KW

Standard Home

Save up to $2200 p.a on electricity*
Just right for most family homes

Tier 1 Solar Module

5KW Power Inverter

6,6000W Tier 1 Panels

High Efficient Solar Module

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15 KW

Small Home

For low-medium commercial energy use

Tier 1 Solar Module

15KW Power Inverter

15,000W Tier 1 Panels

High Efficient Solar Module

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How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are a remarkable technology representing a potential solution to global energy concerns. They work by turning electromagnetic radiation from the sun into electricity.

The process starts when sunlight hits the panels’ photovoltaic (PV) cells. Beams travel through the glass casing and protective film to the active components of the unit.

Silicon cells then take this energy and convert it into electricity. They do this by generating an electric field via a positive and negative charge. Incoming sunlight hits the cells, energising them, and stripping their atoms of electrons. Loose electrons then start moving because of the wafer’s electric field, creating a current.

The energy then travels to the solar panel’s converter, transforming the direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) at high efficiency. You can then use this energy to power your home.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Solar Installation Sunshine Coast

Your Trusted Solar Company

We make sure your solar panel system is a worthwhile investment

We offer a wide range of solar panel systems to work with your budget and ensure you’re receiving the highest quality panels, designed for maximum performance and efficiency over time. We work with Australia’s most trusted solar panel brands, with systems engineered for our unique and changing climate.

We’ll help you get the best results from your solar system

You won’t be worried about the quality of your solar system when you choose to work with our team! At Robbie McDonald Electrical, we pride ourselves on using premium solar systems and componentry so that you can attain the greatest possible yield from your solar network. It’s that simple!

Find a better price? Show us and we’ll beat it!

We’re proud to offer a 30-day price beat guarantee on all our solar and electrical services. If you find a batter value deal than what we’re offering, show us! We want to see it—then beat it! Get in touch with our team for more information.

Quality you can bank on

When you work with a quality company, you get guaranteed performance. So, when you work with Robbie McDonald Electrical, you get exactly that! You can count on us for stellar solar, air conditioning, hot water and swimming pool services throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Ready when you need us

Yes, you read that right. Our experienced technicians are available and ready to respond to your call 24/7. If you’re in the midst of a solar or electrical emergency, pick up the phone! When you need us, we’ll be there as soon as we can.

Bringing you more than

18+ Years’ Experience

Solar Panels on commercial building on the Sunshine Coast
Solar Panels on commercial building on the Sunshine Coast

Additional Electrical Services

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing property on the Sunshine Coast, Robbie McDonald Electrical offers comprehensive wiring and installations to suit!
Want to update the television and data cabling at your property on the Sunshine Coast? Contact our licensed electricians for prompt inspections and installations today.
Upgrade the meter board at your property on the Sunshine Coast. Install new safety switches, boost energy efficiency and increase your output with the help of our team.
Our team can install and repair all types of air conditioning units, including split, multi-split, cassette, ducted and wall-hung split systems. Serving homes and businesses!
Robbie McDonald Electrical offers gas, electric and solar hot water solutions for clients throughout the Sunshine Coast. We can help you with all your hot water needs!
Our electricians can install, repair or upgrade the wiring for lighting, heaters and filtration systems of your residential or commercial pool & spa area. Call us today for a quote.


Solar Panels on a roof on the Sunshine Coast


Solar Panels on a roof on the Sunshine Coast
solar panels sunshine coast

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it varies, solar panels usually last between 25-30 years, though this life span can increase and reduce depending on the make and model of the panel.

The amount you can save with a solar panel depends on how much sun a solar panel is exposed to, and how much energy a home or business typically uses. Properties with high energy bills can expect to save on average $10,000, over a 20-year period.

Check the inverter to make sure it’s not at fault. If you cannot see a red light, please call Robbie McDonald Electrical and we will come and inspect your solar system.