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With residential and commercial solar solutions available, Robbie McDonald Electrical is here to improve the energy efficiency of your property in Maroochydore. We have access to the best quality solar panels, inverters and batteries—so you can count on us to always provide the ideal system for your needs. 

Our services include: 

And more! 

By installing high quality panels at your property, you could increase its value and energy efficiency. We provide onsite assessments throughout Maroochydore, from Adolph Blanck Park to Cotton Tree Beach. 

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Solar Panel Installations Maroochydore

At Robbie McDonald Electrical, we provide an extensive range of solar services to help you set up and maintain solar energy systems for your property. Whether you’re a residential or a commercial customer in Maroochydore, our services are designed to lower your energy bills and transition towards renewable energy sources.

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Solar Power

Solar power is power created by converting energy from the sun into electricity. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells sandwiched between semiconducting materials, like silicon. These cells are energised when directly hit by photons from the sun’s rays. Such energisation is known as the photoelectric effect and creates the current necessary to produce electrical power. The current is then passed through an inverter to make an alternating current, which can be used in your home or business.

Men Checking Solar Panels

The Benefits Of Solar Power

There are several advantages of solar power for home and business owners, including:

  • Diverse applications: You can use solar energy for various purposes – such as heat or electricity. It can be used to distil water, power satellites, or produce electricity in areas without access to the energy grid.
  • Renewable energy source: Solar power is an infinite energy source that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions. It can be accessed anywhere and at all times throughout the year. Solar panels have a low carbon footprint given that they last 25+ years with minimal loss in operational efficiency.
  • Low maintenance: Solar panel installations require little to no maintenance. Cleaning them one or two times a year to rid of any debris is all that’s necessary for them to retain optimal function.
  • Improves grid security: Utility grids are less susceptible to blackouts where power plants are spread out. Grids that have a high percentage of solar energy have multiple production centres across the country, thereby improving security in the event of energy overload or other electrical disasters.
  • Reduces energy bills: Property owners can benefit from reduced energy bills as they rely on a natural resource to power their premises. How much you save on your energy bill depends on your electricity usage and the size of the solar system installed.
  • Improves energy retainment: Some energy is often lost through transportation and distribution. This is especially the case where the distance between the production site and supply points is greater. Such losses can have a negative impact on the performance of electrical installations in your home or business. Having solar panels on your roof reduces the distance, thereby leading to the greater operational efficiency of your electrical appliances.
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On-Grid Solar Power

Otherwise known as a grid-tied system, an on-grid solar system refers to a PV system that connects to the utility grid. This is a standard installation in homes and businesses that are connected to the grid but still want to reduce their energy bills or carbon footprint. The alternating current produced from this solar generation system is routed to the utility grid where it is then used to energise appliances on a day-to-day basis throughout the home or business.

Off-Grid Solar Panels

Off-Grid Solar Power

By comparison, off-grid systems operate independently from the national grid. This type of solar generation system is suitable for property owners that want to be completely self-sufficient or who can’t connect to the grid. Off-grid systems are usually designed to generate excess electricity which can then be stored in a battery for later usage, such as at night-time or on cloudy days.

Being independent of the utility grid means that off-grid solar users are not affected by power outages or failures. Also, no energy bill is generated for those operating off-grid. This is because they do not rely on energy providers in any capacity to produce electricity.

Off-Grid Solar Panels
Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

As mentioned, off-grid solar systems usually have an additional battery system in place. A solar battery is necessary to allow a home or business to continue to benefit from solar energy even after the sun goes down. These battery devices charge throughout the day as the solar panels generate excess energy which is directed to them. This means that, rather than losing out on all available solar power, it’s stored in solar batteries for use at a later time or date.

The number of solar batteries used depends on your energy needs. For instance, some homes use a single battery for energy storage while others use a battery bank.

Our Maroochydore Solar & Electrical Services

Air conditioner outdoor unit installed outside the house — Solar Panels in Maroochydore, QLD

We offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions

Air Conditioning Services

Our team will install and repair the following types of systems:

Air conditioning is essential in this part of the world. If you want your property to feel comfortable and temperate all year round, Robbie McDonald Electrical is here for you. We provide our services for all types of properties in Maroochydore, including homes, offices, warehouses, factories, sports facilities and more. 

Air conditioner outdoor unit installed outside the house — Solar Panels in Maroochydore, QLD

Our team will source the ideal hot water system

Hot Water Systems

Instant tankless electric water heater installed — Solar Panels in Maroochydore, QLD

Is your hot water system breaking down or not heating properly? Organise an assessment from our licensed hot water experts in Maroochydore. We provide spare parts, components and fixtures to keep your system running smoothly. If your unit is beyond repair, our team offers fast, efficient replacements. 

Robbie McDonald Electrical is here to help you make an informed decision on your hot water system. From instantaneous gas heating to cost-effective electrical units, our electricians will provide advice and recommendations when you need it. Book a site visit at your residential or commercial property in Maroochydore today.

Instant tankless electric water heater installed — Solar Panels in Maroochydore, QLD

Solar Power & Electrical FAQs

This is one of the most pressing questions when considering the switch to solar. In almost all cases, moving over to solar power for your property helps reduce energy bills significantly. This is because you lower the amount of energy you need from the grid as you’re generating your own through solar panels. Moreover, you can actually sell excess power to the grid to further lower any bills.


Your payback period for solar systems varies depending on how big the system is, how it’s utilised and the price you’ll receive as part of the feed-in tariff. With that said, a good rule of thumb is that you can expect a standard household solar system to pay for itself after around three years of usage.


No. It is illegal to complete electrical installations without a licence in Queensland. To install a safety switch, you need to call a licensed team. They will ensure safety at your property and help your home or business run smoothly.


Registered electricians can self-certify their electrical work, provided that testing is conducted at all stages. Throughout the design and installation process, there are a series of checks and balances required by professional electricians.


You need to consider a range of factors, including heating method, storage, continuous flow, cost and energy efficiency. Whether you want instantaneous hot water from a gas system or the low installation cost of an electrical system, a licensed hot water team can assist you in making this decision.


Structured cabling is the term used for a precisely designed cabling system that’s integrated for efficiency. For cabling infrastructure to be considered structured, it needs to meet a set of industry standards.