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We install, repair and upgrade commercial solar systems

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Rooftop solar panels — Commercial Solar in Buderim, QLD

Businesses across the Sunshine Coast are being hit with high energy bills. We can help! At Robbie McDonald Electrical, we install, repair and upgrade commercial solar systems for properties of all sizes on the Sunshine Coast. With comprehensive assessments available, our team can visit your business, check your energy usage and calculate your solar rebate on the spot. 

The cost of the rebate will be deducted from your system installation! We understand budgeting can be difficult when investing in a large system, which is why we offer flexible payment options, including financing. 

Book an appointment with Robbie McDonald Electrical today. 

Rooftop solar panels — Commercial Solar in Buderim, QLD

Helping you to reduce energy bills

Solar Services

Solar panel technician — Commercial Solar in Buderim, QLD

If you are too far from the grid, an off-grid system could be ideal for your business! Our licensed team can help you assess your property and tailor an installation to suit. We have access to industry leading suppliers. Get in touch with Robbie McDonald Electrical for solar services on the Sunshine Coast. 

Solar panel technician — Commercial Solar in Buderim, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Antenna boosters, if installed correctly, can be extremely effective. They can help domestic and commercial properties in remote areas overcome weak signals and fix connectivity issues. However, to get the best results from an antenna booster, professional installation is required.

Simply put; a data point is a point within a home or building that extends a connection from one point to another. They are usually a cabled network connection, such as an internet connection, that extends from your router to another point in your home or workplace, such as an office room.

Smart wiring is a wiring system that combines many different wires and wiring groups in a home into a single system. This allows a smart home system to be installed and integrated into a home effortlessly. Smart wiring can be added or expanded at any time.

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Government incentives

State and federal subsidies and grants are available for Australian businesses switching to solar power.

Reduce carbon emissions

Deliver on your company’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

Control your costs

Maintain more financial stability by having more control over your energy consumption rates.