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Our team offers high-quality electrical solutions

Residential & Commercial Solar Work

Robbie McDonald Electrical is here to provide residential and commercial work throughout Buderim. Our team offers high-quality electrical solutions, with access to the latest solar panels, technology and the highest quality fixtures. No matter the size and type of your property, we will strive to always meet your needs. 

Our services include: 

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Want to increase the value of your property and invest in a greener future? Our licensed electricians offer assessments for properties throughout Buderim, from Buderim Forest Park to the Eric Joseph Memorial Sanctuary.  

Commercial Solar Panel

Solar Services Buderim-wide

Our solar services at Robbie McDonald Electrical help our customers throughout Buderim and surrounding areas tap into solar energy to power their property. With over 18 years of industry experience, we provide an extensive range of services including solar installations, maintenance and servicing across Buderim.

Complete assessments available

Air Conditioning Solutions

Air condition outdoor unit compressor — Solar Panels in Buderim, QLD

We repair and install a wide array of air conditioning systems, including:

When dealing with the Aussie elements, it’s important to have a cooling system that is cost-effective, well-designed and tailored to your energy usage in Buderim. Robbie McDonald and the team are here to keep you cool and comfortable all year round. We visit properties of all types, including homes, offices, warehouses, factories and more! 

Air condition outdoor unit compressor — Solar Panels in Buderim, QLD

Our Buderim Solar Installation Services

A gas system is probably best for you!

Hot Water Systems

Plumber fixing electric water heater — Solar Panels in Buderim, QLD

Is your air conditioning system breaking down or failing intermittently? With more than 18 years’ experience, our electricians can inspect your unit to find the source of the defect. From here, we can fix the issue, including replacing parts and important components. If your system needs a complete replacement, our team in Buderim can assist there as well. 

Need instantaneous hot water? A gas system is probably best for you! Want to heat your water with renewable energy? We’ll install you a solar hot water system today. At Robbie McDonald Electrical, our team provides on-site consultations and fixed quotes, so you can make an informed decision. 

Plumber fixing electric water heater — Solar Panels in Buderim, QLD

Solar Power & Electrical FAQs

There are a number of different factors that affect the amount of electricity your solar panels will generate. Things like the size of your solar system, where it’s oriented in relation to the sun and obstructions like trees or other buildings all impact the overall effectiveness of your solar system. When you bring in our experts at Robbie McDonald Electrical, we take all of these factors into account to ensure you’re generating the most electricity possible.

Thankfully, solar systems that are correctly installed and use top-quality materials and components enjoy a lifespan that requires little maintenance. Proper installation of solar panels means they’re pitched in a way that encourages self-cleaning. With that said, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of our team to perform periodic maintenance to ensure the system is running as intended. The lifespan of our systems varies, but we aim for 25 years of usage before problems arise.

Hire a licensed electrician to inspect for faulty appliances, naked wires and damaged power points. With a complete inspection, electricians can find and replace hazardous electrical systems and components to ensure you and your family are protected.

Safety switches are devices that are installed on your switchboard. If an electrical fault is detected, the safety switch quickly switches off the electrical supply. These devices are used to limit the risk of fires and shocks.

Hybrid inverters are installed in grid-connected solar systems to enable power to be stored and send unused electricity back to the grid. This can save you money on power bills by giving you access to tariffs for the electricity your system doesn’t use.

Circuit breakers protect electrical circuits from high currents, faults and overloads. Used in conjunction with a safety switch, these devices are used on domestic and commercial switchboards.